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odd50out's Journal

Odd 50 out: A different prompt challenge
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Fanfiction challenge
..The challenge..

The basics of this community is this- there are fifty prompts
to write for the couple/character of your choice. One person
can claim one character or couple, and they then have to post
each one they write to this community until they've finished.


However, unlike many similar communities, this one has prompts
that are rather more... out there. The concept is to make them
more of a challenge to write than simple seasons or elements as
prompts. The results should be... interesting.

I mean one of the prompts is 'hit me baby one more
time' for god's sake.



Read and love these, because otherwise?

You are not going to have fun here. =D

..Claims posts..

Claim post

Waiting list

..The prompts...

1. Flotation device
2. Cheap mascara
3. Tye Dye
4. Hand me downs
5. Notebooks
6. Morse Code
7. Comparison
8. Up down side to side
9. Elevators and stairs
10. Tiptoes
11. Folders
12. Ink
13. Twenty five percent
14. First time alone
15. Burnt words
16. Ringbinder
17. Navel
18. Smalltalk
19. Cooking together
20. "Far far away"
21. Hairdressers
22. Storm in a teacup
23. Likeness
24. Sleepwear
25. Lines
26. Pocket Money
27. Empty bottles
28. Recycling
29. Can't find anything!
30. Missing in Action
31. Freak out of the first degree
32. Scorching glare
33. Massive Billboard
34. Breakout the Moves Boys/Girls
35. Hit me Baby One More Time
36. Rock and Roll
37. Sitting duck
38. Cheeky little ratbag
39. Scum of the Earth
40. Going to the movies
41. Sweaty hands
42. Typos
43. Shaky hands
44. Veggie or Vegan
45. Cheap and Tacky
46. Sky Blue Pink
47. Dictionary
48. Bleached Teeth
49. Badly Dyed Hair
50. * Slaps the computer *