December 19th, 2007

Just a PSA

Hey guys =) I just realised that one of the rules was slightly unclear, so this is an announcement to clarify it.

The two month rule works like this. On the first of every other month (starting with next February) if you haven't posted any fic since the last 'check in' date, then you will either have your claim (but not fic) deleted, OR you have to apply for an extension and give a reason. This reason doesn't have to be deep or meaningful, just a reason. I will post a... post... XD for these a week before purge day~

Also, if you guys have any suggestions for anything, then I would love to hear 'em. =D

Also, wow guys, you guys write mentalfast. I <3 you all! This is a great comm to be modding, and it's so great to read all of the lovely fic around here. And happy holidays, as well! Whatever you celebrate.

As always, any concerns, just ask me. Our other mod is swamped in coursework at the moment, but I am thankfully almost work free for the upcoming holidays, so everything should go pretty quickly after Friday.